B Ravi Kiran – Technical Lead, ML, Navya


  • Streaming multi-scale anomaly detection : INRIA Magnet May 2017 slides

  • Energetic Lattices and braids : Icube Strasbourg Mar 2017, Slides

  • Hierarchical clustering of Hyperspectral Images for brain tumor detection : Icube Strasbourg Mar 2017 slides

  • Braids of Partitions at Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Aug 2016, Slides

  • Constrained Optimization on Hierarchies of partitions, CMM Jan 2015 Slides

  • Fusions of Ground Truths & Hierarchies, Journee ISS, Mines, Feb 2014 slides

  • Climbing energies & optimal cuts, UPC-GPI, Barcelona, Slides June 2013.

  • Ground truth energies for hierarchies of partitions, Journee ISS, Mines, Feb 2013 ISS PPT

  • Saliency Transformation, Atelier Doctorants, LIGM-A3SI-ESIEE Paris, Feb 2013 slides

  • Optimization on hierarchies and GIS problems, Aug 2012 slides