B Ravi Kiran – Technical Lead, ML, Navya

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International Conferences

  • Rejection-Cascade of Gaussians: Real-time adaptive background subtraction framework NCVPRIG 2019, B Ravi Kiran, Arindam Das, Senthil Yogamani pdf, poster

  • Exploring applications of deep reinforcement learning for real-world autonomous driving systems, V. Talpaert, I. Sobh, B Ravi Kiran, P. Mannion, Senthil Y., Ahmad E.S, P. Perez VISAPP 2019 pdf

  • Prior 3D-Maps and Real-time Obstacle Detection for Autonomous Driving: A Review, B Ravi Kiran, L. Roldao, B. Irastorza, R. Verastegui, S. Suss, Senthil Y., V. Talpaert, A. Lepoutre, G. Trehard, ECCVW 2018, AutoNUE pdf

  • Multi-scale streaming anomalies detection for time series CAp 2017 pdf, Poster, Slides

  • Cost-complexity pruning of random forests, B Ravi Kiran, J. Serra, pdf, poster, git ISMM 2017

  • A Novel Framework for Brain Cancer Detection based on Spatial-Spectral Hyperspectral Image Classification, H. Fabelo, et al. (4th author) DCIS 2016

  • Spatio-Spectral Classification of Hyperspectral Images based on Supervised and Unsupervised Methods for Brain Cancer Detection, S. Ortega et al. (3rd author) DCIS 2016

  • Digitization of partitions and tessellations, J. Serra and B. Ravi Kiran, DGCI 2016 HAL, Slides

  • Unsupervised clustering of hyperspectral images of brain tissues by hierarchical non-negative matrix factorization, B Ravi Kiran, B. Stanciulescu, J. Angulo, BIOIMAGING 2016 , Posterpdf

  • Tumor localization in HSI, ROMOPTO 2015, B Ravi Kiran, B. Stanciulescu, & J. Angulo

  • Braids Of partitions, B Ravi Kiran, J. Serra, ISMM 2015.pdf Slides

  • Constrained Optimization on Hierarchies & Braids, J. Serra, B Ravi Kiran ISMM 2015. Poster, pdf

  • Energetic lattice for continuous hierarchies, J. Serra, B Ravi Kiran, ICIP 2014, Report, pdf

  • Scale Space Operators on Hierarchies pdf, Poster B Ravi Kiran, Jean Serra, SSVM 2013

  • Ground truth energies for Hierarchies pdf, Poster B. Ravi Kiran, Jean Serra, ISMM 2013

  • Optima on Hierarchies of Partitions pdf Jean Serra, B. Ravi Kiran, ISMM 2013

  • Global constraints on hierarchical segmentation, B.R. Kiran, J.Serra, J.Cousty, pdf ECCVW’12 HiPOT

  • Hierarchies and climbing energies, J. Serra, B Ravi Kiran, J. Cousty, CIARP 2012 pdf

  • Climbing on Pyramids, J. Serra, B. Ravi Kiran, ESIEE 2012 March, Tech. Report.

  • Automatic Summarization Of Broadcast Cricket s, Y Senthil Kumar, Sunil Kumar Gupta, B Ravi Kiran, K R Ramakrishnan, C. Bhattacharyya ISCE 2011 link

  • Parallelizing Connectivity-Based Image Processing Operators in a Multi-Core Environment - Anoop K P, B Ravi Kiran and Y Senthil Kumar, ICCSP 2011. link

  • An Improved Connected Component Labeling by Recursive Label Propagation - Using Divide & Conquer Approach, B Ravi Kiran, Y Senthil Kumar, Anoop K P, K R Ramakrishnan, NCC 2011 pdf

  • Non-block based image processing framework for Multi-core embedded systems, B Ravi Kiran, Y Senthil Kumar, KP Anoop; Embedded Systems Conference India 2009 pdf

Working Papers

  • Working The Theory of Braids and Energetic Lattices and Constrained Optimization by Disseminated Energy, Jean Serra, B Ravi Kiran. part-1, part-2