B Ravi Kiran – Technical Lead, ML, Navya

Nov’18 - Now ML-DL Technical Lead, Navya

  • Deep learning for vision tasks

  • 3D Deep learning for pointcloud processing

  • Multi-task learning architectures for AD

  • Real time deployment

  • Reinforcement learning for decision making

Jan’18 - Oct’18 R&D Engineer, ML-DL-RL for ADAS, AKKA Technologies

  • Deep (visual) Reinforcement learning for autonomous driving Victor Talpaert

  • Lidar for obstale avoidance and tracking Masters

  • Lidar based Prior maps for autonomous driving Luis Roldao

May’17 - Dec’17 Consultant in Vision & deep learning at UncannyVision

  • Focus : Video representation learning for anomaly detection

  • Models & Approaches :

    • Autoencoders (Convolutional, Contractive, Spatio-temporal, C3D),

    • Predictive models(ConvLSTM, Linear predictors),

    • Generative models(GANs, VAEs)

Oct’16 - Aug’17 Temp. professor (ATER), CRISTAL lab, Université Lille 3

Dec’15 - Nov’16 Post-doc, DATA-ENS Paris - ThalesAlenia Space

  • Problem : Streaming Time-series anomaly detection

  • Focus : Scattering transform and time series analysis

Nov’14- Nov’15 Post-doc, Mines-ParisTech, Centre de Robotique(CAOR)

  • Advirsors : Jesus Angulo (CMM), Bogdan Stanciulescu (CAOR)

  • HeliCoid : Real-time classification of hyper-spectral images for brain tumor detection.

  • Focus : Non-Negative Matrix factorization (NMF), Unmixing, Unsupervised hierarchical clustering.

Oct’11- Oct’14 PhD computer science, A3SI-LIGM UMR 8049, ESIEE, Paris

  • Advisor : Jean Serra

  • Co-encadrant : Jean Cousty

  • Energetic-Lattice based optimization and generalization of hierarchies to Braids

  • GIS project: C. Voiron & Pierre-Alain Mannoni, UMR-ESPACE Dept. Geography, Sophia-Antipolis

  • Prix de thèse d'Université Paris-Est 2015 en Mathématiques et STIC Link

Mar’11-Jun’11 Intern, A3SI-LIGM, ESIEE, Paris, France

  • Advisor : Jean Serra, Problems : Tutorial on morphological operators in PINK (python).

Feb’10-Feb’11 Research Assistant, Computer Vision and AI Lab, IISc , Bangalore

  • Advisor : K.R.Ramakrishnan

  • Road and lane segmentation for autonomous vehicles.

  • Real-time background subtraction on surveillance videos.

  • MindTree Project : Motion segmentation in video surveillance videos.

Aug’08 - Feb’10 Software Design Engineer, Texas Instruments, Bangalore, India.

  • Embedded programming : experience on ARM (C) and DSP (BIOS)

  • Block based image processing on multi-core systems _White Paper_

Teaching ( 300 Hours)

  • PhD 2011-2014 ( 100 Hrs) : (Master 2-LIGM) Mathematical Morphology (2012-13, 2013-14) videos, (Master-ESIEE) MorphoGraph, J. Cousty (2012-13, 2013-14), Link

  • ATER 2016-2017 ( 192 Hrs) : TD : Advanced data mining, Machine learning slides


Languages, Tools

  • TensforFlow & Keras

  • Python, Matlab, R, C, C, Latex, Git/SVN

  • Pandas, Scikit-learn, Scikit-image, statsmodels

Domain knowledge

  • Deep learning, Image/Video Processing, Computer vision, Machine learning, Time series analysis, Mathematical Morphology, Signal Processing, Graph Theory