Streaming multi-scale anomaly detection

Problem setup

  • \(x(t)\) are observations over time \(t\) where new data arrives over time \(t\).

  • Problem : Window of \(x(t)\), i.e. \([t:t-p+1]\) which ‘‘deviates’’ from normal behavior.

  • Motivation : How to become invariant to window-size/scale of pseudo-periodic structure in \(x(t)\) ?

  • Solution : Track correlations of principal subspace at various scales


  • At \(t\) we build multiple lag-embeddings of series \(x(t)\) at size \(p\) : \(X_t^p = [x_{t}, x_{t-1}, \ldots, x_{t-p+1}]^T \in \mathbb{R}^p\).

  • Given \(X^p \in \mathbb{R}^{T \times p}\), \(\mathbf{w}_p\) is defined as 1-D projection capturing most of the energy of samples :

\( \mathbf{w}_p = \arg\min_{\|\mathbf{w}\|=1} \sum^T_{t=1} \| X_{t}^p - (\mathbf{w}\mathbf{w}^T)X_t^p \|^2 \)

We update the principal directions at each lag \(\mathbf{w}_p\) to maximize the variance captured by \(\mathbf{w}_p \mathbf{w}_p^T\). An example of a 2-d lag matrix embedding with the principal directions are provided :

Time Series

pca plot 

PCA embedding of sliding windows in two dimensions

alt text 

Colormap shows the increasing time instant \(t\) at which new samples \(x(t)\), and thus lag-vectors \(X_t^2\) arrive.


Global glow for Multi-scale Anomaly detection


Least correlated Scale Vs 2nd Iteration of Streaming PCA

Detector performance (AUC) Vs Avg. Reconstruction error

Streaming PCA on multi-scale Lag-matrix \(\| \pmb{\alpha}_t \|^2 \)


2nd Iteration of streaming PCA on multi-scale Lag-matrix \(\| \widetilde{\pmb{\alpha}_t} - \pmb{\alpha}_t\|^2\)

  • Representation : Multi-scale lagmatrix

  • Aggregation methods : Least correlated scale, Norm of multi-scale anomaly score, Norm of reconstruction error of anomaly scores.

  • Each point in each scatterplot corresponds to a time series from dataset B2, B3, B4 in Yahoo!.

Non-linear features for predictive model based anomaly detection

In second study, we study the performance of scattering transform representation of time series for the purpose of time series prediction using auto-regressive models. We use the prediction error for the purpose of anomaly and change point detection. We also compare our performance with a simple representation of the time series window created by evaluating concatenating non-linear functions of the window at the current time instant with scattering transform representation. The two types of features that we study in the report.

  • Simple features on moving window \(w\) by the embedding

\(\mathbf{x} = \{\min(x_{1:T}), \max(x_{1:T}), \text{avg}(x_{1:T}), \text{std}(x_{1:T}), \text{TV}(x_{1:T})\}\) where \(\mathbf{x} \in \mathbb{R}^5\)

and TV\((w)\) is the digital version of the total variation of the series \(\sum^T_{t=1} |x_t - x_{t+1}|\).

  • Scattering transform \(S x\) of signal \(x\)

We train the following linear predictors to evaluate the variance scaled prediction error as anomaly score :

  • Scalar and Vector Autoregressive Models (AR, VAR)

  • AR and VAR models on PCA transformed features. (PCR, PC-VAR)

(Results coming up shortly)

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